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The Impact of Family Structure on the Health of Children – Effects of Divorce

American College of Pediatricians – May 2014 ABSTRACT: Nearly three decades of research evaluating the impact of family structure on the health and well-being of children demonstrates that children living with their married, biological parents consistently have better physical, emotional, and academic well-being. Pediatricians and society should promote the family structure that has the best […]

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Discipline of the Child

Abstract: Central to the success of childrearing is the process of child discipline.  This process of training and teaching a child is influenced by many factors, some of which are controlled by the parents and others that are dependent upon the child and the environment.  This paper explores the multifactorial process of child discipline.  The […]

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Empowering Parents of Gender Discordant and Same-Sex Attracted Children

American College of Pediatricians – April 2008 ABSTRACT: A pre-school boy insists on dressing like a girl. A 5 year old girl refuses to wear dresses and insists that one day she will grow a penis. A teen boy has just announced to his family that he is “gay”. How should physicians advise parents to […]

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