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Board meeting September 2017, Deerfield, IL


As members of the College, we pediatricians have a passion for children and families. We want to work together as much as possible to protect children, preserve families and honor life. Please use the member directory for these purposes and do not solicit or share the directory with outside sources.

The Members’ section is available only to College members and is intended for communication and networking. Please refer to the two navigation boxes on the right “Member Only Content” and “Your Account,” to access the member resources. From the “Member Only Content,” you can access the member directory and various member documents. From the “Your Account,” navigation box you can renew your membership, change your password, change your address or other details.

If at any time you have questions, challenges navigating the resources or suggestions, please contact the College office.

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Briefs, Bylaws & Newsletters

Copies of all past College newsletters can be found here. They are; however, in PDF format so the links within the newsletter will not be active. If you would like an active electronic copy of a particular issue contact the office and request the specific issue date.

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