Acts of Kindness


The definition of service is the action of helping or doing work for someone else. We know that sometimes service requires effort and even a bit of sacrifice. We also know how it makes us feel to do something for someone else ­ satisfied, happy, joyous even. Are we passing along this traditional value onto our children? We need to be teaching our children what service really is and why it is important.

A person that performs acts of service does not expect anything in return ­ not a thank you card, not a thank you, not a paycheck. It is an act done out of the goodness of your heart to help someone else in need. In order to teach children this, we need to first be a good example and do service for others FIRST. We can include our children in these small tasks by asking them to help, asking them for ideas of what can be done for someone, and even putting them in charge of a portion of the task. This will help children to recognize the needs of others and understand how to take care of those needs. It will also help them feel good about what they have done and feel satisfied knowing that they helped someone else.

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