Aren’t They a Little Young for That?

children-and-technologyI’m pretty sure that kids are now born with the knowledge of how to work electronic devices. It seems like the more kids I have, the faster they catch on to which button to push and how to use a touch screen. Just because they know how to use one, does that mean they should be allowed to? I can see the benefit of being able to send a cell phone with your child when they go out with friends just in case of an emergency. It seems though the age of children acquiring cell phones is lowering to where even kindergarteners and first graders are toting one around. Doesn’t this seem too young and a bit….unnecessary? When our children get attached to these devices so young, they miss out on opportunities to converse with others. This is necessary for young and developing minds. We don’t want them to isolate themselves as they play various games and spend time watching YouTube videos. Isolation can actually lead to depression and anxiety because children aren’t learning the necessary coping skills of how to deal with the life around them. It is all fun and games, to be sure. It’s a great source for entertainment, no doubt. But too much of a good thing…can be bad. Don’t you agree?

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