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Pixels or Patients?

Pixels or patients?  That is a choice that government mandated EMR (electronic medical records) has foisted upon me.  Not so long ago, I could actually look folks in the face as I listened to what was going on with their children.  Now, I spend much of the time, looking for the right boxes to click.  […]

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Harvey Milk day

Harvey Milk a hero – really?

The state of California recently came up with a new state holiday:  Harvey Milk Day.  The US postal service even came up with a Harvey Milk commemorative postage stamp.  So….Who was Harvey Milk?  The short answer is that he was a San Francisco city commissioner.  He became famous for being one of the first openly homosexual […]

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Spanking and Child Development

In October 2013 issue of Pediatrics, MacKenzie, et al. claim in the article “Spanking and Child Development Across the First Decade of Life” that spanking has negative effects on child behavioral and cognitive development from birth through 9 years of age. This, however, is yet another inadequately supported attempt to disenfranchise parents from appropriate use of […]

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little cowboy


Today, my nurse’s son goes in for surgery.  Eleven year old Slayton has alveolar sarcoma (a rare type of soft tissue cancer) in his leg.  Slayton’s  mom has been out from work for over a week now due to this scary event.  Understandably, she is too upset to be able to function and  she needs to be […]

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Listen, listen, listen!

When I was a resident, a woman brought her child to me and told me “there is something wrong with my child.” I asked her what was wrong and she could not explain what was wrong; she just knew that something was wrong. I examined the child and finding nothing wrong, told her so. She […]

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Health Care Delivery

My good friend Jim retired from the State Department after serving for many years. One of his chief responsibilities was making sure that animals destined for human consumption did not transmit any infectious diseases to humans.  He has worked in many countries and also worked for a spell at the Centers for Disease Control in […]

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Jury Duty

I have been called for jury duty on more than one occasion. The last time I was called, I arrived at the court house at the designated time and was directed into a courtroom filled with other potential jurors. Twenty of us at a time were called to the jury stand and screened for participation […]

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Make more bricks with less straw

My self-imposed goal is to get 200 hours of CME each year.  My state only requires fifty credits every 2 years.  I have my goal because I think it takes that much for me to keep up adequately and help me provide the best care for children.  However the MOC (Maintenance of Certification) requirements provide […]

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Picking the “right” answer

I once heard a sermon about a moral man that went through the streets of an evil city preaching that folks should repent and start living right.  At first he was barely listened to.  Later he was tolerated.  Eventually he was ridiculed almost everywhere he went.  One time a person went to him and asked […]

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The purpose of the M(aintenace) O(f) C(ertification)

I just got my scores back from my pediatric recertification test.  I passed much above the mean, thank you very much.  Upon taking the test, you must agree NOT to reveal any specific questions.  However, there were some questions where I KNEW what answer they wanted but I disagreed.  I felt that the “correct” answer […]

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