Be Happy!

be happyBeing a happy person has got to be one of the most desired qualities that a person can have, wouldn’t you agree? Some people just naturally seem to be happier and more positive than others. If it is so desirable, don’t we want our kids to learn how to be more optimistic? There was a list I saw that gave parents 51 ways to help teach their children to be happier individuals. After reading through each item, I concluded that it comes down to our example of being happy and optimistic and also being involved in their life. This doesn’t mean that simply smiling when you see them once a day is sufficient, but really getting involved and doing things with them to show positivity and unconditional love. Does this take a little bit of effort on our part? Sure does! Will it require us to be happy and optimistic in the first place? You bet! What we don’t realize though is that doing this for our kids will also help us live a higher quality life in return. It’s a win-win situation.

Take a moment, gather your kids around you and GET HAPPY!


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