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The Destiny of Humanity – Part 3 of 6

Have you ever stopped to consider why it is that men love women and vice versa? What is it about the other sex that attracts us to each other? As it states in this portion of the series, men and women are complementary to each other. They bring out each other’s advantages, just as complementary colors do. Unfortunately, this gets misconstrued in a society that has forgotten about the importance of our differences. Some things about being a man and about being a woman just come naturally. What I love about this though is that we can be different, but still complementary. This complementarity is what creates life and what sustains the family.

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The Destiny of Humanity: Part 2

Giving birth and being a parent is such a noble and respected responsibility in this world. Being a mom to 5 children, I have felt that overwhelming sense of unconditional love when I first met each one of them. I’m sure that many of our readers know exactly what I am talking about. We are, in a sense, starting the story of life for our children. A story that they will carry with them forever. Just as this video clip describes, this story is what gives each of us an identity and roots. It is amazing to be a part of something so important to a person’s life!

An important part of their story is to have both a mom and a dad in their life. Having both a mother and a father helps a child function better. This doesn’t mean going from one parent to the other in different houses, but having both parents, married, in the home. Both roles play an important part in a child’s life and story. If one is missing, the video says  a “male hunger” or “female hunger” occurs. As a result of the lack of interaction, children can end up in unhealthy relationships with that particular sex.

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The Destiny of Humanity: Part 1

There is an interesting YouTube video series entitled “The Destiny of Humanity.” We wish to use this video series to provide a great insight into marriage and its many aspects.

In part 1, people from many cultures discuss the importance of marriage and what it means to them. One piece of advice that stood out to me at the beginning was the idea that, under most circumstances, we know that 1+1=2. In marriage, however, from a spiritual perspective, it actually is 1+1=1. When getting married, a couple becomes one:  physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Later on, a woman says that “marriage is something that if you misconstrue its meaning, it would bring about a disintegration, a loss of sense of discernment of what is right and what is wrong.” This intrigued me and I am curious what our readers think about this. How does marriage help us to know what is right and wrong? I think that when you are married, it really becomes apparent that your actions affect more than just yourself. You now have someone else to watch over, care for, and think about when making decisions (and when marriage leads to parenthood, there are even more “someones” to consider). This gives us a wider perspective about what is right and wrong.

Another commentator said that if we abandon marriage, we are more inclined to be alone and aloneness is the number one cause of suffering. Haven’t we all seen someone that is suffering from aloneness? Think about the happiness that can come from having someone there to support you, love you, and be with you through-out life? This same man said that if we don’t have the opportunity to be in a marriage or in a family, we will become a more selfish person because that is where we practice selflessness.

What are your thoughts? What does marriage mean to you?

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Tradition, Tradition!

Marriage_Matters_300x200Are you all singing the song from “Fiddler on the Roof” now? You are welcome! 🙂

What makes traditions so important that a song had to be written about them? According to a website devoted to work-at-home moms,   “Family traditions bring a sense of   belongingness, commitment and familiarity with each other. They also pave the way for good times   and good memories. Family traditions are also one way to carry on a family’s identity (e.g. ethnic, religious, occupational, recreational   and so forth).”

Think about the things you do daily and on holidays. How many of those things are the same as the things you did when you were little? Did your parents have these same traditions when they were growing up? Or did they start the tradition with you? Have you passed it along to your own kids?

When my husband and I got married, we sat down and had a discussion (or two) about what kinds of things we enjoyed from our childhood that we want to do with our own kids. Some things we decided to let go of and others we carried into our own family. Traditions are so important and I hope that you are considering what is important to your family of the past and of your future.

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Does this shirt make me look fat?

girl in mirrorOur daughter tends to think about things a little differently and in a way that makes us wonder if she really is an 8 yr old girl, or an adult trapped inside an 8 yr old body. Her latest thing is about what she is willing, and unwilling, to wear each day. Despite her young age, something I hear often as her mother, is “I can’t wear this. It makes me look fat!” This boggles my mind as I look at this twiggy girl that is nothing but skin and bones! Where does she get this idea that she is fat!?!?

Years ago, I read an article that said that if we, as mothers, complain about our body, make comments about our clothes, or even refer to the physical appearance of other people, it will resonate with our daughters. Because of this, I have always tried to be careful about my comments. I never want to have my daughter(s) get an unhealthy idea about body image from me and have their self-confidence go down as a result. Despite my efforts, I find my 8 year old daughter looking at herself in the mirror and refusing to wear coats in the wintertime because she is afraid of looking fat.

Women, whether you are mom, and aunt, a friend, or just someone that passes others in the hall – be careful of the words and actions you choose to use. You never know who is listening and how it will affect them. Little girls these days are growing up with such disdain for themselves and it hurts my heart to see their self-esteem so low.

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Let Them Be Little!

I had heard this song a while back that immediately brought tears to my eyes. Billy Dean’s “Let Them Be Little” is a perfect description of what parenting SHOULD be like and what Child paintingchildren SHOULD be like. As I take a gander of society these days, I feel like children are growing up too fast. Are we letting our children take the time to enjoy being young before we hurry them off into the adult world full of responsibilities? Are we, as parents, taking the time to enjoy our children while they are little? Granted, having kids can be hard, trying and sometimes downright frustrating. I think that if we take the time to enjoy those little giggles, cuddles after a nightmare , and wild imaginations, our lives will be filled so many more memories and happy times.

Take just a few minutes from your day and listen to this song by Billy Dean. Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Can you fall in love again?

couple loveI faintly remember a discussion with my mom many years ago about marital problems. She told me there seemed to be something that happened around anniversaries #5-7. Couples were no longer in the “honeymoon phase” and often found themselves with discussions about divorce. After my own observations and research, I realized that after being married for 5-7 years, it is clear that romance is dying and couples were forgetting why they were married in the first place.

The question I ask you today is: is it possible to fall in love with your spouse all over again? Can you have the same feelings after 20 years of marriage that you did during your first? My answer to that is an enthusiastic “You bet you can!” It may take more effort after being out of the habit for a while, but it definitely can be done. It really just requires you to do the things you once did for your spouse. The things that you did solely because you loved him/her. Did you buy her gifts or send her flowers? Did you call him just to say hi and that you loved him? Did you plan romantic dates with every detail in mind and covered?

There is a song by Paramore (a newer band from the younger generations) entitled “Still Into You.” Consider some of the lyrics and decide how you are going to fall in love again with your spouse and/or keep the love alive in your marriage.

It’s not a walk in the park

To love each other

But when our fingers interlock,

Can’t deny, can’t deny you’re worth it

‘Cause after all this time I’m still into you

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Get Down on the Floor!

mom playing with child on the floorThough I cannot remember when and where I was given this piece of advice, I feel strongly to share it with you. Get down on the floor and play with your kids. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? The reason I loved this bit so much was because of the reason it stuck with me. Being a parent is hard. Being a parent to multiple children is hard. Sometimes, we all hate to admit, it can get to us. It can drive us to hiding in closets, locking bathroom doors and consuming insane amounts of chocolate. Then I was given this gem of advice. When you are feeling consumed by the task, get down on the floor and play with your kids. When the strife of parenthood has worn you down to the last few strands of sanity, get down on the floor and play with your kids. When their nautiness and disobedience have you at your wits end, get down on the floor and play with your kids.

By no means am I a perfect parent, nor will I ever claim to be. Since hearing these words, a time or two I have put it to the test. My findings: sanity! Happiness! Elation! The peculiar thing was that it did not just work out in my favor, but for my kids as well. I noticed that instead of arguing, there was more laughter. Instead of whining and complaining, they were content and grateful. Whether you play a game, read a book or just listen to music, I encourage you to get on the floor and play with your kids.


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What Marriage is All About

marriage proposalBefore reading the following post, I encourage you to watch this short video clip from a show we all used to watch and love:

Mrs. Huxtable gave Elvin a great piece of advice about marriage. It is about each person giving 50/50. At different points in my own marriage, I have been given a different piece of advice that helped me take Mrs. Huxtable’s bit to the next level. Rather than each person giving 50 and expecting 50 in return, each person should give 100 and expect nothing in return. In the workplace, we often say that we give 100% of our efforts to do a good job. What about our marriage though? A good marriage takes constant work and effort to keep going in the right direction. Try it this week. Give 100% of your efforts to making your marriage better than it was the week before. Leave a comment with your experience below!

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Find a Hobby!

Wchild athletee often have dreams and plans for our children and their futures. Life alters those plans, despite our efforts to keep them on the right track. A great way to encourage our children to make better choices and be involved with good people is to let them find a hobby.

An Australian parenting website, found at, had an article about the importance of extracurricular activities in the lives of teens. This article states the following:

“Taking part in extracurricular activities can:

  • give your child a chance to try a range of activities and explore where her strengths lie
  • boost your child’s self-esteem and confidence
  • give your child a sense of achievement
  • reduce risky behaviour – for example, the positive connections made through these activities can protect against underage drinking
  • promote good mental health
  • help your child work out who she is
  • help your child learn to handle responsibility
  • develop your child’s skills in planning and taking initiative
  • help your child learn how to regulate her emotions
  • help your child learn to overcome tough times, which in turn can help your child succeed academically.”

It will take time to chauffeur kids to various activities and attend performances or games. However, nothing will make you feel happier than seeing your child find something in life that they enjoy and in which they can excel. Sometimes this process occurs through trial and error. Given the opportunity, teenagers will be able to thrive and find themselves which will put them on a path of happiness and success.


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