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Some Things That Are True

There are some things that are true. Two plus two is four every single time.

There are some things that are debatable. I think so called “gay marriage” is one of those.

But according to the other national organization, I’m wrong. It “supports civil marriage for same-gender couples.” And then gives several pages of rationale for this decision.

This “discovery” was published just recently (March 21) and just prior to the scheduled Supreme Court hearing on this matter.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette quoted Ellen Perrin, a spokesperson as saying “It is pure coincidence, she added, that the academy’s position comes just days before the Supreme Court on Tuesday will hear oral arguments on two cases that challenge state and federal definitions of marriage as exclusively between a man and a woman.”

If you believe this is a pure coincidence, I’d like to talk to you about buying a bridge for sale in Brooklyn.

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The well-being of children or the well-being of political correctness?

The AAP published a policy statement, “Promoting the Well-Being of Children Whose Parents Are Gay or Lesbian,” along with a technical report. The policy statement expresses the Academy’s support for civil marriage for same-gender couples, as well as full adoption and foster care rights for all parents regardless of sexual orientation.

Because of the sensitivity of this issue, the Academy provided members with early access to these documents, as well as talking points.

I’ll be checking their so-called “technical data.” I doubt much of it stands up to scientific standards.

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Let the blog begin

Ten years ago a small group of Pediatricians got together and complained. They complained to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) – the existing professional organization of Pediatricians – because this small group perceived that the AAP was supporting a social agenda without good scientific basis. This group knows that human life begins at conception and should be protected from that moment until the time of natural death – no abortions and no euthanasia. They also are aware that a child is best reared in a home that has both a mother and father who are the biological parents, love each other and love their children.

Who would find that controversial? Many would apparently, including the AAP which once knew these things as well but no longer affirms these facts. Complaints to the AAP were unheeded and as a result the American College of Pediatricians ( was birthed. Please visit the website and let us know what you think. From small beginnings big things can come and we currently have members in 45 states and 11 foreign countries.

The intent of this blog is to inform and entertain. We hope you will find we have meet those two goals. Please give us your feedback as we post to the blog.

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