Can Money Buy You Happiness?

money buy happinessIt’s a big debate that will usually bring a moment of silence when the question is asked, “Can money buy happiness?” Well, the truth is, that it can. But what are we spending our money on that is giving us this happiness? I came across an article that said when you buy a new object, it gives you only temporary happiness because you adapt to it after a certain period of time. What if instead of buying an object, you were to buy an experience? It will still give you happiness but can also create a memory?

My husband and I have recently discussed giving less material objects for presents and instead giving our children more experiences that we can do as a family. It might take a few years to get used to for our kids, but we are going to give it a try. If we take more trips together, spend more time together, those are the things our kids are going to remember. They are probably going to forget which book they got at which holiday and why they wanted that doll so badly. They won’t ever forget the vacations we take them on and the things we give them opportunities to experience.

What are your thoughts about this?

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