Did you hear that?

girl-listening-with-her-hand-on-an-earThis last week, I spent a good amount of time studying the skill of active listening – such an important part of communicating. Active listening doesn’t just include listening to the words someone is saying, but also hearing the tone of voice behind the speaker. It involves physically opening your ears to the other person and focusing your attention solely on them. If a person is able to actively listen to another, good communication occurs and progress is made. I put this to the test when I noticed my son struggling with some things going on in life. I knew that life had been pretty busy and stressful so I took him out on a “Mommy-Son Date”. He was so excited! I put my phone away during this time and gave him my undivided attention. What happened next was incredible! He talked my ear off! He had so much to say to me and thanked me so many times for taking him out. He needed me to be actively listening to him that night.

People need to be heard. They want to be validated for their thoughts and know that someone is listening to them. This makes others feel important and loved. Are you taking the time and putting forth the effort to actively listen to those around you? Both kids and adults want to be heard. This is such an important part of effective communication that could make any relationship better.


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