Does this shirt make me look fat?

girl in mirrorOur daughter tends to think about things a little differently and in a way that makes us wonder if she really is an 8 yr old girl, or an adult trapped inside an 8 yr old body. Her latest thing is about what she is willing, and unwilling, to wear each day. Despite her young age, something I hear often as her mother, is “I can’t wear this. It makes me look fat!” This boggles my mind as I look at this twiggy girl that is nothing but skin and bones! Where does she get this idea that she is fat!?!?

Years ago, I read an article that said that if we, as mothers, complain about our body, make comments about our clothes, or even refer to the physical appearance of other people, it will resonate with our daughters. Because of this, I have always tried to be careful about my comments. I never want to have my daughter(s) get an unhealthy idea about body image from me and have their self-confidence go down as a result. Despite my efforts, I find my 8 year old daughter looking at herself in the mirror and refusing to wear coats in the wintertime because she is afraid of looking fat.

Women, whether you are mom, and aunt, a friend, or just someone that passes others in the hall – be careful of the words and actions you choose to use. You never know who is listening and how it will affect them. Little girls these days are growing up with such disdain for themselves and it hurts my heart to see their self-esteem so low.

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