Best for Children Donors

Group of Children

The American College of Pediatricians gratefully acknowledges the following individuals for their contributions to the 2016 Best for Children campaign. The funds we raise go directly toward projects in fulfilling our mission to Protect Children, Preserve the Family, and Honor Life.

We’d love to add your name to our Wall of Compassion! Make a Gift online with your credit card. Alternatively, send a check or call the office. See our contact information here.

By giving you become the children’s:

Advocate: $10,000 or more
Mentor: $5000 – $9,999
Advisor: $1000 – $4999
Friend: $500 – $999
Helper: $250 – $499
Neighbor: $249 or less

Advocate - $10,000 or moreMentor - $5,000 - $9,999Advisor - $1,000 - $4,999Friend - $ 500 - $999Helper - $ 250 - $499Neighbor - $ 249 or less
Tom Benton, MDDavid Olson, MDFrank McGehee, MDRobert K. Wilson, Jr., MD
Melissa Messerly, MDLawrence Bennett, MDBrent Cochran, MDDick Ellis, MD
Leah Willson, MDJim Pearson, MDChristine Z. Smith, MDEugene Diamond, MD
Den Trumbull, MDWoodson S. Jones, MDRichard Mansfield, D.O.Michael Bateman, MD
Bill Shaw, MDJohn Weipert, MD
Cindy Durr, D.O.
David Newton
Michelle Cretella, MD
Andre Van Mol, MD
Jeff Reese, MD
Mary Nave, MD
Joseph Zanga, MD
Mark Gaulke, MD
Russell Gombosi, MD
Michelle Beumer, MD
Maria Peinado, MD
S. Michael Scott, D.O.
Teresa Petros, MD
Susan Ragonesi, MD
Jane Hamner, MD
David Levine, MD
Barbara Bittner, MD