For most people, memories of their childhood include time spent with grandparents. These elderly individuals all hold a special place in our heart, places that cannot be filled by anyone else. As we talk about and encourage traditional family values on this blog, this includes getting to know our extended family members. The experiences that our grandparents have had in their lifetime are sometimes things we will never experience ourselves. The stories they can tell, the books they can read, and the lessons they impart are timeless and inspirational.

In my family, I have been blessed to live just 8 houses away from my parents for the past few years. My 5 kids are often found at grandma and grandpa’s house when they claim to want to run away. They enjoy riding bikes down the road (which is just far enough for them to feel like big kids and be able to go further than just our front sidewalk and driveway). Grandparents may not always be a part of our children’s lives, but isn’t life so much sweeter when they are?

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