Conversations is a resource designed for healthcare professionals to provide uncompromising advice in the care of infants, children and adolescents.

Have you ever wished you had a simple reference to help answer questions posed by parents or patients in your practice?  Or maybe you are a medical student who is being challenged by professors to reject your conservative convictions in advising your patients on socially-sensitive matters.  Or perhaps you don’t often work with children and need a quick resource for those difficult-to-answer questions on parenting.

Now you have a resource to turn to.  Conversations helps you address delicate topics in a scientifically sound manner.  It is a compilation of question-answer sections addressing topics such as adolescent health care (confidentiality, same-sex attraction, risk avoidance sexuality, and pregnancy), general pediatric concerns (discipline, spanking, Internet safety, blended families, chores), as well as helpful information for parents who are just beginning the parenting adventure. 

Whether you are a medical student, pediatric resident, pediatrician, or family practice physician, Conversations will prove to be an invaluable resource.

To view the content, visit our Conversations website:

Topics covered include the following:

Adolescents and the Benefits of Saving Sex for Marriage

Encouraging Children to Choose Sexual Abstinence Until Marriage

Adolescent Risk Taking

Becoming a Family

Blended Families





Dating Guidelines: Talking with Parents and Teens

Discipline: Why Parents Must Be Leaders in the Family

End-of-Life Decision-Making

The Family Meal

Internet Safety

Adolescent Pregnancy

Prenatal or Postnatal Visit

Single Parenting

Disciplinary Spanking

Sudden Death of a Child

Unstructured Playtime

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