Patient Handout Exchange

Welcome to the American College of Pediatricians Patient Handout Exchange.  This is a unique service available to members of the College.  It is intended to enhance your encounters with your patients.

During a typical office visit, time is precious and often short.  This creates a couple challenges: (1) The doctor may not have time to fully describe a condition and the treatment, and (2) the patient may not remember all that the doctor has to say about the matter.  This dilemma is solved with patient information handouts.

Listed below are handouts on various topics contributed by members and offered to you for use in your practice.  These handouts do not carry the original author’s name, nor the name of the College.  Each handout may be customized to fit your style of practice.  You may attach your name to the final product.  Because the information within the donated handouts has not been scrutinized or endorsed by the College, it must not carry the name of the College as the orginal source.

You can download the documents and reprint them on your office stationery and/or affix your name to the content.  The documents are in Microsoft Word format and, therefore, are easy to modify and customize.

Also included in the lists below are handouts from the official Patient Information Handout series of the College.  These are also available for distribution in your office.

If you notice corrections or updates that need to be made to any of the posted handouts, please alert the College office and the original author will be notified of your suggestions.


Click a category below to view the related handouts.

Illnesses or Conditions: such as Eczema, Asthma, Headaches

Development: including Newborn care, Puberty info, Sexuality info, Television

Parenting: including Discipline, Relationships, Sleep

Vaccine Origins

Would you be willing to share with your colleagues copies of handouts you use with your patients?  If so, send them as an attachment to our office at Also, please share with us any useful links to resources you have used with your patients.

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