Kindness Could Save Your Marriage

kind loveI ran across this article and immediately knew it was worth sharing! Marriage is hard. Everybody knows it. It seems like fewer people are willing to stick it out anymore. Divorce rates are getting higher while the rate of people getting married in the first place is going down. If there was a secret that could help save your marriage, would you want to hear it? According to this article, the secret is simply being kind and generous to your spouse. Really? Could it be that simple?

The truth of the matter is that being kind and generous is something that we are encouraged to do no matter what. But if you went out of your way to show that effort and generosity to your spouse, what do you think the results would be? In my experience, it is hard to fight with someone who is being kind to you. Just the simple act of being kinder could dissolve more fights, prevent arguments from happening in the first place, and really help improve the quality of the relationship.

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