March 2014 Board Meeting

The College Board of Directors met for the semi-annual Board meeting in Atlanta, Georgia in March 21 and 22, 2014. Following are links to PowerPoint presentations and Board meeting Minutes.

The meeting was called to order at 6:38 pm.

Dr. Trumbull welcomed new Board member Mike Artigues from Mississippi.

Dr. Trumbull reminded all present of some basic guidelines in Robert’s Rules for conducting the meeting. Edits to minutes from the last Board meeting were announced and the minutes were approved. Action items by the Executive Committee in the six month interim were reviewed and approved. An addition was made to the agenda and the agenda for the meeting was approved.

Objectives for this meeting were:

  1. Explore how the College can assist medical students, training fellows, etc., in countering unscientific, unethical positions taught during training.
  2. National meeting 2014 planning
  3. Explore developing a non-medical donor database; create another source of revenue through marketing to a conservative base
  4. Consider another membership drive.

President Den Trumbull recapped what the College has accomplished during the past six months.

Treasurer Jeff Brewster reviewed the financial health of the College.

Phil Kaleida, member of the Membership committee, gave an update on the College membership numbers.

In Vice President Cretella’s absence due to illness, Tom Benton presented her talk on agenda driven science prior to doing his own presentation on the book, David & Goliath: How David Succeeded by Malcolm Gladwell.

Dr. Van Meter, chairman of the 2014 National Meeting committee discussed plans for the upcoming national meeting in July at Hilton Head, SC.

The Friday evening portion of the meeting about 9 pm with resumption on Saturday at 8 am.

Saturday morning some old business was discussed before Dr. Rebecca Huizen and Dr. Michelle Cretella joined the meeting via Skype.

Board advisor, Chris Ferrara presented some information for Board consideration.

Jane Anderson announced her wish to have an outreach program called “Conversations” for new physicians. The Board voted to approve this program.

The date for the next Board meeting was announced: October 3 and 4,

Dr. Benton talked about plans for marketing the College over the next six months. The Board discussed several planning items as well as the status of new position statements in the works. The Nominations and Web committees gave brief reports and specific goals for the next six months of the College were outlined.

The executive session of the Board held a short conference and the meeting was adjourned at 2:30 pm.

A transcript of the minutes from the Board meeting are available here. If you are interested in seeing any of the Power Point presentations, please contact the office at 888-376-1877 or by email to