Marriage & Divorce

marriage and divorce

The CDC’s statistics have shown that from the year 2000-2012, marriage rates are actually going down. Meaning, not as many people are “tying the knot” as they used to. Between those same years, they did see a decline in divorces and annulments as well. That is good news, right? It is, but not when you combine with the decline in marriages actually happening to begin with. What is happening in society to be causing the numbers to fall?

We live in a world that is telling our young people that marriage isn’t worth making sacrifices for and putting forth effort into. Instead, they are living together. That way, when a conflict arises, they can go their separate ways and not have any legal issues or difficulties like they could if they had been married and wanted a divorce. It seems harmless, but what is this teaching the younger generations? It teaches them to take an easy way out, to live under unstable conditions, and that people are disposable in their life. It does not help them learn how to handle conflict in a healthy way because they just pack up and leave when it gets tough. Being in a committed marriage, individuals learn perseverance, unconditional love, and conflict management. Sometimes it can be hard to share your whole life with someone else, especially if they are different from you in any way. That is one of the beauties about marriage though. It provides opportunities for growth, change, and compromise. It encourages a person to take the high road and fix a problem rather than to just duck out and leave.

Teach your child the importance and beauty of being in a marriage. It is important for the couple as well as for any future children they may have.

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