Marriage Isn’t Perfect

marriageMarriage isn’t perfect. It just isn’t. We all go into it hoping it will be and somehow feel let down when we realize it isn’t. People aren’t perfect and therefore marriage never will be. We all have our struggles as individuals and as families. When we struggle, if we show our children that we can work through our problems and still love each other, we will teach them to not expect a perfect marriage. This unfounded belief that marriage will be free of any problems or conflicts is busted at the first disagreement. Then without effort to fix it, divorce happens instead. For a family to be as successful as possible, both parents are needed in a home. That won’t happen unless two people can work through a problem and push through to see the rainbow that comes after a rainstorm. Yet, whenever we see a rainbow, don’t we forget about the storm that just passed? We find ourselves grateful for the rain because it was the reason we are given the moment of clarity and beauty we find ourselves in after a trial has passed. No, marriage is not perfect. But it is worth fighting for to see the rainbow at the end of each storm.

2 Responses to “Marriage Isn’t Perfect”

  1. Suzy June 29, 2015 at 4:58 pm #

    To love and be loved is the greatest joy on earth. Working to make a marriage happy is worth every effort. Couples must enter a marriage with the intent and attitude that it will work.

  2. Mark Grubb June 29, 2015 at 6:45 pm #

    especially like the reference to the rainbow. It is time to take the rainbow back!

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