Amanda quoteWhat kind of things do we remember from our childhood? For me, they are the times that brought joy and the moments that taught me more about myself and others. These are the moments from my childhood that I will always remember. Great memories include spending time with those you love and doing something that makes everyone happy. Sometimes the memories are created from something you planned and sometimes it is a spontaneous event. As an adult reflecting on childhood, most often the things we remember are the seemingly small, even insignificant moments that ended up making a big and unexpected impression on us. Having that knowledge as an adult becomes invaluable as you bring children into this world. Has the thought ever run through your mind, “What do I want my children to remember about their childhood?”

Some of my great childhood memories:  talking or discussions with parents (not arguing), going somewhere with my family to have an adventure of some kind, and/or just spending time together doing something positive and even fun!

Now you’re the parent! What are you doing to create those memories for your own children? My suggestion is to talk and discuss rather than argue. Instead of staying in your corner of the house, mingle with those in your family by physically being in the same room. Spend less time doing activities of little value and spend more time together adding value to your adventures.

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