“P” for Pedophile


Driving in this morning I began to wonder. Why isn’t the movement of LGBT not the PLGBT movement: “P” for pedophile?

When I look at the origins of the transgender movement I find John Money and Harry Benjamin, both bisexuals, who failed to condemn pedophiles, and freely associated with them.

When I look at the data from Donald Paul Sullins taken from the Add Health Survey, I see a 7 fold increase in child sexual abuse when lesbian couples get married, compared to when they stayed unmarried. Incest is a form of pedophilia.

When I look at sexual minorities studies examining for a history of childhood sexual abuse, I see rates as high as 75%. They were victims of pedophilia. Some of them do engage in pedophilia. In addition, we know that victims of child sexual abuse engage in same sex behavior at higher rates, averaging 4x, but up to 7x higher than their non-victimized peers, depending on the study.

When I look at criminology data on adult or juvenile sex offenders, I see many of them were childhood victims of pedophilia or incest. Juvenile offenders that sexual abuse minors preferentially select the sex of the victim to be the same as the one that sexually victimized them.

When I look at sex education in schools, I see Alfred C. Kinsey, and his colleagues, and I see pansexuality and an embracing of pedophilia, along with bestiality.

Child pornography exploits children. It is the worst sort of exploitation in the age of the internet and storage of images. If pedophilia becomes the new norm, the explosion of exploitation will be unparalleled.

In one sense, it could be argued that the LGBT movement is only tangentially associated with pedophilia. I see that argument, but the pushers of the movement, the activists, I think have pedophilia intrinsically woven into their agenda. It is they who need to be spoken to and against.

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2 Responses to ““P” for Pedophile”

  1. Jack Berezny July 4, 2015 at 12:27 pm #

    To answer why LGBT is not inclusive of pedophiliacs is because pedophilia can result from sexual trauma and abuse, whereas sexual orientation is determined at conception and not subject to change.

    I knew when I was 4 years old that I was heterosexual, attracted to women whereas some of my friends also knew around that same age that they were not attracted to persons of the opposite gender. Rather, their attraction was to their own gender-types and they could not understand why. It was not a learned behavior, just an inner feeling.

    Same gender couples can raise perfectly normal, healthy children of any sexual orientation. Single parenting provides a lot of challenges due to the need for help in raising children. And single parents and children of same gender households do not produce families with increased sexual abuse rates IF THE FAMILY INCOME IS SUFFICIENT TO MAINTAIN THE FAMILY WELL ABOVE THE POVERTY LEVEL. Poverty and lack of education, are the biggest determining factors in child abuse whether sexual or physical/mental.

  2. admin5 July 6, 2015 at 12:50 pm #

    Dear Jack,

    Persons are born male or female. Sexual orientation is not fixed but actually can be quite fluid. While homosexuality may be genetically influenced, it is not hardwired by DNA. Environment plays a very important role in sexual orientation.

    Please visit this link which will take you to many references:

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