Marriage Legislation

Pediatricians Defend the Family

As pediatricians we devote our professional lives to the health and well-being of the children we see. We strive to blend our scientific understanding of illness with our compassion for the child to achieve the best outcome through our daily encounters. In addition to the individual care we offer, we have a responsibility to influence our society for the betterment of children today and into the next generation. The fundamental, procreational family unit of one man with one woman in a marriage relationship is under attack. Despite solid, time-honored evidence that children optimally develop in such a setting, contemporary researchers are claiming that the parental arrangement does not matter. In unprecedented social experimentation, efforts are being made to deconstruct the marriage unit in order to endorse same-sex parenting, divorce, and practically any other parenting combination imaginable.

The Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA) protects marriage from redefinition by legislatures and the courts, both state and federal. It would also prevent the courts from giving away the legal benefits of marriage to other “partnership” combinations. State legislatures would retain their power, as the U.S. Constitution prescribes, to make decisions on matters of family law including the legal status of non-marital relationships and benefits. The Federal Marriage Amendment simply states: “Marriage in the United States shall consist only of the union of a man and a woman. Neither this Constitution, nor the constitution of any State, shall be construed to require that marriage or the legal incidents thereof be conferred upon any union other than the union of a man and a woman.”

Validating other partnership combinations as “marriage” will ultimately hurt our children. For instance, homosexual unions deliberately deny a child either a mother or a father. Social science research is conclusive that children without a married mom and dad suffer significantly.

Upholding traditional marriage is about justice for children. Children do not have the ability to protect themselves from family arrangements which deliberately deny them a mother or a father. Alternative marriage arrangements place adult desires above the best interest of children, which the government has a special responsibility to uphold. The Federal Marriage Amendment will preserve traditional marriage, therefore protecting the best interests of children.

Please join us as pediatricians united for the defense of marriage and protection of all children. Support the Federal Marriage Amendment by signing your name to the letter.


Open letter to the Senate Majority Leader and the Speaker of the House from the pediatrician members and friends of the American College of Pediatricians

Dear Senator Majority Leader and Mr. Speaker:

The Board of Directors of the American College of Pediatricians, an organization dedicated to the health and well-being of the youngest of our citizens, its members and supporters strongly urge you to press forward with vigor and amend the Constitution to guarantee that marriage in the United States will forever be defined as the union of one man and one woman.

We support this amendment because it will prevent the continuing erosion of the safety, nurturance, and protection afforded to children by this time honored marital partnership. Anything less than a Constitutional amendment would allow continued discrimination against those children, few in number now, who are being used by social engineers to support what a small number of selfish adults want, over the needs of potentially hundreds, perhaps eventually thousands, of children.

More than twenty years ago, we Pediatricians read with curiosity, social science literature which alleged that children reared by divorced parents did as well or better than children reared by intact families. We read those articles and questioned their validity. The findings seemed unsupported by traditional scientific measures and the conclusions denied thousands of years of tradition. Unfortunately for the children, this concept was supported and promoted by the Media and even, we are sad to say, by many of our Pediatrician colleagues. Only in the last five years or so have we learned how much damage was done to children by this thoughtless support of divorce. Adult wants overwhelmed the needs and best interests of children, and we are continuing to see the dire consequences of that defeat in our medical offices, clinics, and hospitals.

What does that have to do with the issue of homosexual parenting? Everything! Again, social scientists, the Media, and a small number of misinformed Pediatricians are disregarding the real needs of children and asking that again in this country there is conducted an uncontrolled, unscientific, social experiment on our children by encouraging their rearing by same-sex parents.

Almost all of us work with children in these situations. We see first hand how the loss of either a male or female parent impinges on, particularly, the emotional growth and well-being of the children. Despite that, and perhaps with increased fervor because of that, we love them, provide care for them, and counsel their guardians as best we can to help them through their childhood. Through health or illness, simple or serious, we assure that no child is deprived of care and no parent or guardian is deprived of the emotional support that all other parents receive. As with other families in our practices we write letters to insurance companies to make sure that care is financially supported. We do the same to employers to encourage leave and other benefits employers are sometimes reluctant to provide for any employee. We advocate for all children equally. The proposed Marriage Amendment would do nothing to change what we do to make sure that no child or family feels slighted.

We, the undersigned, are distressed that some professional medical organizations have ignored both science and tradition in helping to promote this misguided social experiment. Our children deserve better than this and the best science demonstrates that now, as always, children do best when reared by a man and woman, mother and father, married and committed to them. Our children, the future of our Nation, deserve the best that we can provide for them. Let’s not make their lives more difficult than they already are. Please pass the Federal Marriage Amendment to assure that present and future generations of children will not, once again, fall victim to the triumph of selfish adult wants over their real needs.


Den Trumbull, MD, FCP,
President, American College of Pediatricians

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Please alert other pediatricians to this urgent issue. Encourage them to sign also.

Titilayo Adetola Adesanmi, MBBS, MD
Member West African College of Paediatricians (Faculty of Paediatrics),
Member National Postgraduate Medical College, Nigeria (Faculty of Paediatrics).
Enugu, Enugu

William J. Allen Jr., MD, FAAP

James C. Anderson, IV, MD
Vice President, Cornerstone Health Care
Cornerstone Pediatrics
High Point, N

John J Astrino, MD
Clinical Asst. Professor, Pediatrics
Attending Physician, Akron Children’s Hospital
Hudson, OH

Barbara L. Ayars, MD
Chief of Pediatrics
Primary Care Health Services
Pittsburgh, PA

Errol C Baptist, MD
Clinical Professor of Pediatrics
Univ of Illinois College of Medicine
Rockford, Illinois

Michael D Bateman, DO
Chairman, Dept of Pediatrics
Affiliated Community Medical Center
Willmar, Minnesota

William Reed Bell, Sr., MD
American College of Pediatricians
Pensacola, Florida

Lawrence N Bennett, MD
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine
Maywood, IL

Thomas Bart Berger Benton, MD
Private Practice
Gainesville, FL

Paul Billing, MD, FACEP
Woodcreek Healthcare
Puyallup, WA

Ladonna K Bingham, MD
Florida Pediatric Associates
St Petersburg, FL

Barbara H. Bittner, MD
St. Mary’s Clinics
St. Paul, MN

Tonya R Blakemore, MD
Fremont County Pediatric Clinic
Lander, WY

Daniel Gilbert Blomenberg, MD, FAAP
Norfolk, NE

Michael J Blyth, MD, MPH
Charlotte, NC

Jennette L Boakes, MD
Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon
Associate Professor of Orthopedics
University of California, Davis Medical School
Sacramento, CA

Walter C Boutwell, MD
Montgomery, AL

Debra L. Boyer, MD
Ypsilanti, MI

Katherine H Brewer, MD
Director of Asthma/Allergy /Clinic
Woodcreek Healthcare
Puyallup, WA

Jennifer S. Brown, MD
Child Medical Examiner
Franklin, NC

Dana Buchanan, MD, MPH, FAAP, FCP
New Milford, CT

Susan H. Buckner, MD, FAAP
Austin, Texas

Aaron W. Calhoun, MD
Clinical Fellow, Pediatric Critical Care
Children’s Hospital of Boston
Boston, MA

Douglas T. Campbell, MD
West Memphis, AR

Robert a. Campbell, MD, FAAP
Augusta, GA

Enrique J Canton, MD, FAAP, KM
Coral Gables, Florida

David M Castellan, MD, FCP

Christina E Castleberry, MD
Richmond, Virginia

Yat-Sen Dooley Chen, MD, MPH
Pediatric Specialists of Foxborough and Wrentham
Foxborough, MA

Paul Christakis, MD
Boca Raton, Florida

Christopher W Clardy, MD
Associate Professor
University of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois

Regina Clark, MD
General Pediatrician
Newark, Delaware

Jeffrey a. Cleveland, MD
Charlotte Pediatric Clinic
Charlotte, NC

Scott C Cole, MD
Woodstock, VA

Jennifer M Collier, MD
Pediatric Resident
Arkansas Children’s Hospital
Little Rock, AR

Robert G Collins, MD
American College of Pediatricians
Fincastle, VA

Jeffrey D Cooper, MD
Duluth, GA

Heather L Cooper, MD
Thomasville Pediatrics
Thomasville, NC

Mark R Corkins, MD
Associate Professor
Indiana University School of Medicine
Indianapolis, IN

Michael P Cotter, MD, FAAP
Davidsonville Pediatrics
Davidsonville, MD

Ann M Craig, MD
Assistant Professor in Pediatrics
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, TX

Michelle Anne Cretella, MD, FCP, FAAP
Westerly, RI

John I Cronkhite, MD, FAAP, FACEP
Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Bloomington, IN

Holly Beth Daniel, MD, FAAP
Kansas City, MO

Francis P Darr, MD
Cheboygan Memorial Hospital
Cheboygan, MI

Federico Carlos De Miranda, MD, FAAP, FCP
Fort Smith, Arkansas

Antje S. Dew, MD
Grand Rapids, MI

Brian W Donnelly, MD
Pittsburgh, PA

G. Kevin Donovan, MD, MLA
Professor & Vice-Chair, Pediatrics
Director – Bioethics Center
Ou College of Medicine -Tulsa
Tulsa, OL

Helen S. Doss, MD, FAAP
Pediatrics and Tropical Medicine
Sil, Papua New Guinea
Mclean, Virginia (Voting Resident Only)

Jennifer L Drake, MD
Augusta, GA

Mark Duff, MD, FAAP
Pediatric Associates
Manhattan, KS

Robert B Eanett, MD
Lakeland, FL

Sara S Eapen, MD
Cleveland, Ohio

Russell E. Ebersole IV, MD
Chief of Staff
Staff Pediatrician (Missionary)
Hospital Baptiste Biblique
Adeta, Togo, West Africa

Robert S Ellison, MD
Medical Director
Watauga County Health Department
Boone, NC

Warren D. Ervin, MD
Staff Pediatrician
Clinical Instructor Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital
Tennessee Pediatrics
Nashville, TN

Kari O. Everett, MD
Orion Pediatrics
Lake Orion, MI

Daniel A. Falco, MD
Children’s Medical Specialists of Sacramento
Sacramento, CA

Richard Y. Farnsworth, MD
Provo, Utah

John T. Fitch, Jr., MD, FAAP
San Antonio, Texas

Patricia O. Francis, MD
Lafayette, CA

Michael R Franks, MD
Columbus, OH

Thomas a Frantzen
Physician Assistant
Johnson City, TN

Carrie C Friesen, MD
Pediatric Resident
Winston-Salem, NC

Teresa L Fritts, MD
Memphis, TN

C. Channing Frykman, MD, FAAP
Los Angeles, CA

Alan G Getts, MD
Covenant Pediatrics
Augusta, GA

Martin C Glover, MD
Pediatric Healthcare
Montgomery, Alabama

Lisa Goff, MD
Silver Spring, MD

Linda M Gourash, MD
Pittsburgh Partnership
Pittsburgh, PA

Mark S Grubb, MD, FCP
Edgewood, WA

Donald J Hagler, MD
Professor of Pediatrics
Mayo College of Medicine
Rochester, MN

Cynthia B. Hale, MD, MPH, FAAP
Albany, NY

Tara N Hamada, MD
Brentwood, TN

Aaron Hanna, MD
Augusta, GA

Purvis E Harper, MD, FAAP
General Pediatrician
Harris Co. Med Soc
Humble, TX

Charlotte Harward, MD, FAAP
Westfield, MA

Charles S Hayek, MD
Shelby Children’s Clinic
Shelby, NC

Keith Herzog, MD
Assistant Prof. of Pediatrics
Drexel Univ. College of Medicine
Philadelphia, PA

Allen L Hoekman, MD
Sioux Valley Clinic – Watertown
Watertown, South Dakota

Robert P Hoffman, MD
Associate Professor
The Ohio State University College of Medicine and Public Health
Columbus, Ohio

William J. Hogan, MD
Pediatric Medical Group
Houston, Texas

Bryan R Hollinger, MD, MPH
Medical Director
Esperanza Health Center
Philadelphia, PA

Lucy C Holmes, MD
Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics
Continuity Clinic Director
State University of New York at Buffalo
Buffalo, New York

R. Arnold Isley, MD, MPH, FAAP, FCP
General Pediatrician
Snellville, GA

Rebecca C James, MD
Jackson, MS

Timothy D. Johanson, MD
Affiliate Professor in Pediatrics University of MN
Metropolitan Pediatric Specialists
Edina, MN

Richard O Johnson, MD, MPH
Pediatrician, Public Health Officer
Mammoth Hospital
Mammoth Lakes, CA

Helen S. Johnstone, MD
Skokie, Illinois

Christopher R Jones, MD
Lawndale Christian Health Center
Chicago, IL

Woodson S Jones, MD
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
San Antonio, Texas

Robert R Jones, MD
Nevada Medical Clinic

Patricia Lee June, MD, FCP
Moultrie, GA

Phillip H. Kaleida, MD, FAAP, FCP
Professor of Pediatrics
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Pittsburgh, PA

Jun H Kang, MD
Gainesville, VA

William E Keiter, Jr, MD, FCP
Kinston, NC

Calvin A Kierum, MD
Woodcreek Healthcare
Puyallup, Washington

Brian N Kilpatrick, MD
Pediatrician and Internist
Mettowee Valley Family Health Center
West Pawlet, Vermont

Karla R. Kitch, MD
Portland, OR

Nathan P Knutson, MD
Pediatric Resident
Shands at Uf
Gainesville, Florida

Jack A Kopechek, MD
Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics
The Ohio State University College of Medicine
Columbus, Ohio

Matthew J Kornegay, MD
Internal Medicine and Pediatrics
University of Alabama Birmingham
Birmingham, Alabama

Beth Y. Lambert, MD, FAAP
Pediatrician, Laurel Pediatric Assoc, Inc.
Johnstown, PA

Consuelo A Leblanc, MD
Springfield, MA

Lenora M Lehwald, MD
Pediatric Neurology Fellow
Mayo Clinic
Rochester, MN

Lawrence Michael Lerman, DO
Andover, MA

Donald H. Lewis, MD, FCP
Holston Medical Group
Kingsport, Tennessee

Pamela B. Liang, MD
Fellow, American Academy of Pediatrics
Sugar Land, TS

David J. Lim, MD, FAAP
Houston, TX

Brian A Lishawa, MD
University of Rochester
Rochester, New York

Lea Ann Lund, MD
Pediatrics Resident
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
Cincinnati, OH

David G Malpass, MD
Pediatric Cardiologist
Greenville Hospital System
Simpsonville, SC

Mark S Mannenbach, MD
Assistant Professor
Division Head of Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Mayo College of Medicine
Rochester, MN

Michael D Marsh, MD
Cornerstone Pediatrics
Weatherford, TX

Linda R. Marshall, MD
Private Practice
Dublin, VA

Heather Marten, MD
Senior Pediatric Resident
Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital
Cleveland, OH

Lynette K Martin, MD
Owensboro Pediatrics
Owensboro, KY

Beth A Martin, MD
Coeur D’alene, ID

Randolph Matthews, MD
President Columbus Pediatrics & Adol Care
Whiteville, NC

Patrick O Maynord, MD
Birmingham, AL

James V. Mcdonald, MD, FCP
Children’s Clinic of Lawrenceburg
Lawrenceburg, TN

David W Mcgehee, MD
Director of Pediatrics, Lincoln General Hospital
Faap, Director of Pediatrics Green Clinic
Ruston, LA

Mark B. Mchaney, MD
Abingdon, VA

Scott W Mckercher, MD
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

David J. Mclario, DO, MS
Vice Chief of Urgent Care Medicine
Children’s Health Care of Atlanta at Scottish Rite
Atlanta, Georgia

Thomas R Mercier, MD
Mattituck, NY

Marilyn a Meyer, MD
Richmond, Virginia

Amy Milan, MD
Resident, Internal Medicine & Pediatrics
Omaha, NE

Ronald v Miller, MD, FCP
Gallatin, TN

John S. Mitchell, MD
Pediatrics (Retired)
Methodist Hospital of Indianapolis
Fishers, Indiana

John E Montgomery, MD
American College of Pediatricians
Columbus, Indiana

Steven L Moore, MD
American Academy of Pediatrics
Augusta, GA

William R Moore, MD
Clarksville, TN

Terri Lynn Morales, MSN, RN
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Puyallup, WA

David L. Morrison, MD, FCP
Montgomery, AL

Denise Y Mosley,
Duke University
Raleigh, NC

Jan Mueller, MD
St. Louis, MO

Stephen Ombok Muhudhia, MBCHB
Consultant Pediatrician
Christian Medical Fellowship-Kenya
Nairobi, Kenya

David P Munson, MD
Sioux Falls, SD

Gertrude Murphy, MD
Caritas St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center
Weymouth, MA

Peter M Nakaguchi, MD
Christian Medical Association
Fresno, CA

Mark S Nicks, MD
Woodland Hills, CA

Gilbert a Norwood, MD, FAAP
Danvers, MA

Christopher O’hara, MD
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Drexel University College of Medicine
St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children
Philadelphia, PA

Ross S. Olson, MD
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Danielle R Onstot, MD, FAAP
Oxnard, CA

Jenny S Pan, MD
Seal Beach, CA

Tong Park, MD
Falls Church, VA

Jeffrey V. Paul, MD
Medical Director Neonatal Transport
Methodist Children’s Hospital
San Antonio, TX

Thomas E Paulus, MD
All for Kids Pediatric Clinic
Little Rock, AR

William R Payne, MD
Cartersville, Georgia

James M. Pearson, MD
Assistant Clinical Professor, Etsu College of Medicine
Firstchoice Healthcare
Johnson City, TN

Russ W Petty, MD
Clinical Associate Professor
Towner County Medical Center
Cando, ND

Stephen L Phillips, MD
Eastern Pediatrics
Greenville, NC

Bruce J Pistorius, MD, Rev.
Shreveport, Louisiana

Angela Potter, MD
Family Medicine
Assistant Professor
Univ. of TN
Covington, TN

Eric C Potter, MD
Lawndale Christian Health Center
Chicago, IL

George C Powers, MD
San Antonio, Texas

Sharon Quick, MD
Pierce County, WA

James W. Rackley, MD, FAAP
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Kenneth M Rafal, MD, FAAP
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Alexander T Rakowsky, MD
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Ohio State Medical School
Columbus, OH

Samuel Dubose Ravenel, MD, FAAP
Cornerstone Pediatrics
High Point, North Carolina

Samuel Reck, MD
Dermatology Resident, Pediatrician
Marshfield, WI

Timothy D Rice, MD
Associate Professor Pediatrics
Saint Louis University School of Medicine
St. Louis, MO

George A. Richard, MD
Pediatrician, Emeritus Professor
Univ. of Florida
Gainesville, Florida

Stephen C Riggs, MD
Cedar Falls, IA

Humberto Rodriguez, MD
Associate Professor
Knoxville, TN

Humberto B. Rodriguez, MD
Associate Professor
Knoxville, TN

Howard L. Rogers, MD, MPH
Gainesville, FL

Cheryl W. Rogers, MD
Gainesville, FL

David B Roos, MD
Aurora, CO

Bruce W Rowell, MD
Medical Director
Lawndale Christian Health Center
Chicago, IL

Eugenia T Sanders, MD
Lawndale Christian Health Center
Chicago, IL

James O Sanders, MD
Chief of Staff
Shriners Hospitals for Children
Erie, PA

Robert W. Saunderson, Jr., MD
Developmental/Behavioral Pediatrics
Dover, Delaware

Gerhard F Sawall, MD
Waukesha, WI

Robert J Saxer, MD
Catholic Medical Association

Julie H. Schopps, MD
Piedmont Healthcare Pediatrics
Statesville, NC

Donald C. Schuessler, MD
Gouverneur Pediatrics
Gouverneur, NY

Michael S Scott, DO FAAP, ACP
Private Practice : Internal Medicine & Pediatrics
The Internal Medicine and Pediatric Clinic of New Albany, PLLC
New Albany, MS

James U. Scott, MD, MPH
Developmental Pediatrician
AGC Pediatrics
Calhoun, GA

Kelley Ford Shippey III, MD
UH Med-Peds Resident

Jeffrey a Simon, MD, FACP
Montgomery, AL

Rosalyn J Singleton, MD
Alaska Native Tribal Health Corporation
Anchorage, Alaska

Barbara J Skelton, MD, FAAP
Hawkins County, TN

Tina M. Slusher, MD
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
University of Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky

Kimberly a Slusser, MD
Broken Arrow, OK

Mark J Snell, MD
Locum Tenens/Missionary Surgeon
Life Member, Christian Medical and Dental Association,
American College of Surgeons,
Society of Air Force Clinical Surgeons
Bonney Lake, WA

Joseph P Sorenson, MD, FCP
Thomasville, GA

Annelise S Spees, MD, FAAP
Chief of Pediatrics, Penrose-St. Francis Hospital, Colorado Springs, CO
Doctors Medical Group of CO Springs
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Charles H Staab, MD
Chief of Pediatrics
Assistant Medical Director
Wheeling Hospital
Wheeling, West Virginia

Dongmin Suh, MD
Garden Grove, CA.

David B Sutton, MD, FAAP
Muskegon, Michigan

Timothy V Swanson, MD, FAAP, FCP
Affiliated Community Medical Centers
Willmar, MN

Richard A Switzer, MD
Clinical Professor of Pediatrics
Michigan State University
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Toby A Taylor, MD, FAAP, FCP, AMA
Utica, New York

David C Thorrez, MD
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI

Michael D Traylor, MD, MPA
Staff Pediatrician
Clinical Instructor, Case Western Reserve School of Medicine
Metrohealth Medical Center, Cleveland, OH
Cleveland, OH

John W Trieschmann, MD
Behavioral Pediatrician
College of Pediatricians
Hot Springs, Arkansas

Den A. Trumbull, MD, FCP
Vice President
American College of Pediatricians
Montgomery, AL

Reginald C Tsang, MD
Professor of Pediatrics
Former Director of Neonatology
Children’s Hospital of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Ohio

James D Tutor, MD
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
University of Tennessee at Memphis
Memphis, TN

Jill R Utley, MD
Springfield Clinic
Lincoln, Illinois

Jerry E Vankuiken, MD
North Ottawa Community Hospital
Grand Haven, MI

John R Vasko, Jr, MD
Sammamish, WA

Donald D Vasser, MD
Chair Dept of Pediatrics
Northern Navajo Medical Center
Shiprock, NM

Felipe E Vizcarrondo, MD, FAAP, FCP
Coral Gables, Fl

Stephen T Walker, MD
Elkin Pediatric & Adult Medicine
Elkin, NC

Harry J. Wander, MD
Clinical Professor of Pediatrics
Chief of Pediatrics, Sutter North Medical Group
University of California, Davis
Yuba City, CA

Stephen G Watson, MD
Woodland Hills, CA

William K Watterson, MD
Midlothian, VA

Edward R Westmark, MD
Gulf Breeze, FL

John F Whalley, MD
Mountain View Pediatrics
Morganton, NC

Judith v. Williams, MD
Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Dermatology
Eastern Virginia Medical School
Norfolk, VA

Karl K Williams, MD
Bloomington, MN

Leah M Willson, MD
Hutchinson Medical Center
Hutchinson, MN

Robert K. Wilson, Jr., MD
Pediatric Clerkship Director
Clinical Professor of Pediatrics
Florida State U. Com-Pensacola Campus
Pensacola, Florida

Dana T Witmer, MD
Esperanza Health Clinic
Bala Cynwyd, PA

Christopher Owen Wood, MD
Associate Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine
Clarian Methodist Emergency Medicine and Trauma Center
Indiana University School of Medicine
Indianapolis, Indiana

Jean A. Wright, MD, MBA
Chair of Pediatrics
Executive Director, Children’s Hospital
Mercer School of Medicine – Savannah
Savannah, GA

Ferdinand D. Yates, Jr., MD, MA (Bioethics)
Senior Pediatrician
Genesee-Transit Pediatrics
Buffalo, New York

Alean J Zeiler, MD
Toledo, Ohio

David W Zelis, MD, MA (Bioethics)
York, PA