Pediatricians Respond to and Challenge Psychology Today

The American College of Pediatricians is a professional organization confident in the science we present and in the traditional ethics we uphold. Although we are concerned with many issues confronting children today, we are typically challenged for being critical of affirming youth as LGBT. Ultimately, labels such as “hate group”, “miniscule”, “right wing” and others serve only to deflect attention away from facts that undermine a desired agenda. In the past, we have simply directed critics to the relevant content on our website. On May 8, 2017, however, Psychology Today published an article by Mr. Jack Turban that is not only libelous, but also denies the fact that untold numbers of American children are being experimented upon, and many of them permanently sterilized, under the guise of treating a largely transient disorder known as Gender Dysphoria of Childhood. This warrants a more public and focused response which may be read here.

In addition to this targeted response, Dr. Cretella, President of the American College of Pediatricians, stated,

We challenge our critics to go beyond name calling and to instead join us in creating two bipartisan research teams. One research team to publish a Cochrane Review on the WPATH standards for Childhood Gender Dysphoria, and a second team to investigate and publish on the benefits and risks from sexual orientation change therapy when provided by licensed mental health professionals.

Cochrane Reviews are scientifically rigorous and have stringent requirements that minimize the influence of investigator bias.  Not only should the conclusions be accepted by professionals on both sides of the debate, but the results should also provide a way forward toward securing the best for children.