Protect Your Children!

parental advisoryI was having a discussion with 3 amazing women last week when the topic of pornography came up. One woman said that she heard that the numbers for addictions to pornography are at an all time high, but that it isn’t just for boys anymore. The number of girls has now come up to equal the number of boys. I don’t know if that is true or not; I do know that viewing pornography is harmful. Click here for scientific information regarding some of the harms of viewing pornography.

Our discussion moved on to how we can help the youth today battle this demon. It isn’t a matter of if they become exposed anymore. It is just a matter of when, how and what they do about it when it happens.

So…parents, teachers, coaches, and all other adults that have youth in their life: Talk with your loved ones about the dangers of pornography. Teach them about what to do WHEN they are exposed. Turn it off. Walk away. Tell someone. Don’t assume it will never happen to them. It will if it hasn’t already.

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