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Supporting the American College of Pediatricians

The American College of Pediatricians is a not-for-profit, national, educational organization of pediatricians and healthcare professionals dedicated to fulfilling a Mission with passion rooted in Core Values. This task requires a dedicated team of leaders with the support of like-minded professionals working with the necessary resources. As an organization in its infancy, the College has dedicated leaders with a growing membership, but resources are always a limiting factor.

If you would like to share in the successes of our Mission, you may do so in a few ways:

  1. If you are a health professional, become a member. Please review the application criteria of the College.
  2. Tell others about the College.
  3. Give a tax-deductible financial gift in one of the following ways:
  • Write a check payable to the American College of Pediatricians and mail your gift to P.O. Box 357190, Gainesville, FL, 32635-7190
  • Give a gift by phone: 352-376-1877
  • Give Online: Members and Non-members can Make A Gift  securely online

The American College of Pediatricians is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to enabling all children to reach their optimal physical and emotional health and well-being.

The Best for Children Campaign

Just imagine our society without the American College of Pediatricians. Parents, legislatures and the courts would be led to believe that ALL PEDIATRICIANS:

  • consider the wants of adults paramount to the needs of children
  • believe that any form of parenting – father/mother, mother/mother, or father/father – similarly and sufficiently serves the needs of children
  • advocate and encourage “safe-sex” and abortion as healthy options for teens.

One pediatric organization courageously stands apart – the AMERICAN COLLEGE OF PEDIATRICIANS 

  • The College believes the needs of children are paramount to the wants of adults
  • The College recognizes that traditional married male/female parents provide the best outcome for a child
  • The College advocates that the best for teens is to delay sexual debut until marriage

Thanks to your contributions, the College continues to speak out in favor of real needs of children. We have confronted issues head on, such as same-sex parenting, the morning-after pill and emergency contraception, the redefining of marriage, abortion, pornography, and adolescent sexual activity. Although we are having an impact, we must do more for the children – especially now that the issues we are battling are very real and growing!

Please continue to help the children of this generation and the next by contributing to the College’s annual Best for Children Campaign.

By giving you become the children’s:

Advocate: $10,000 or more
Mentor: $5000 – $9,999
Advisor: $1000 – $4999
Friend: $500 – $999
Helper: $250 – $499
Neighbor: $249 or less

  • Give Online – Members and Non-members select the Make A Gift button below to donate online
  • Write a check payable to the American College of Pediatricians and mail your gift to P.O. Box 357190, Gainesville, FL, 32635-7190
  • Give a gift by phone: 352-376-1877
  • Give Online: Members and Non-members select the green Contribute Today button on the home page to donate securely online

These new funds will generally support the efforts of the College and allow all of us to advocate for the needs of the children.

The names of donors are displayed here and enjoy the benefit of knowing that they are taking action in helping children and families both now and in the future. We would love to add your name to our list of generous donors. Please donate now.

Please note that Cornerstone is the processor of our online payments so an automated receipt will be sent to you from them once you pay or donate by credit card.

*If you wish to donate privately to ACPeds, an option would be to set up an account with National Christian Foundation (NCF). They are a a non-profit organization that helps donors give wisely and tax-efficiently to support their favorite charitable causes. NCF is a leader in accepting non-cash assets (for example stocks, real estate, and business interests), and is the nation’s largest provider of donor-advised funds. All your donations can be directed to NCF and distributed anywhere you choose.
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