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Teaching Our Children to Appreciate Diversity

We live in the great American melting pot, full of people from different races, ethnicities, religions, and beliefs. And truly, part of what makes this country so great is that diversity! But sometimes, all those differences can be hard to handle. It’s not always easy to accept people with different ideas and backgrounds. And yet […]

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Being a Responsible Citizen by Strengthening Marriage and Family

Alan J. Hawkins, a professor at Brigham Young University, wrote an article entitled “Responsible Citizenship to Strengthen Marriage and Family” that was originally published in the Marriage and Families journal in 2006. The following is from his article. “Citizens of democratic governments enjoy great freedoms, but they also carry a burden of responsibility… All citizens […]

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The Importance of Gender

These numbers are from a National Health Service clinic in the UK that helps those who believe they were born the wrong gender (1). 167 children under 10 years old received transgender treatment in the past year The number of young children being seen has nearly doubled from 87 in the previous 12 months 3 pre-school […]

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