Terms and Conditions

Carefully read the following statement of commitment:

“I hereby subscribe to the mission, value, vision, and core values of the college and certify that all the information on this application and any attached document are accurate and support my qualifications for membership in the college.”

  • Physicians in training provide a copy of their student or hospital identification or letter from the training program director indicating good standing
  • Other membership applicants may be asked to provide a copy of license and/or appropriate certification if the office cannot confirm
  • Payment of dues according to the schedule should be be submitted online or by mail to: 
American College of Pediatricians, P.O. Box 357190, Gainesville, FL 32635-7190.

If any information in this application is untrue, or if circumstances change after the date of this application that affect ethical and professional standards, it may be grounds for suspension or revocation of membership.

Membership categories and fees…

  • Fellow: Licensed physician certified by the american board of pediatrics or the american board of osteopathic pediatricians. $250
  • Candidate Fellow: Licensed physician who has completed a pediatric training program that is approved toward certification from the american board of pediatrics or the american board of osteopathic pediatricians. $125
  • Specialty Fellow: Licensed physician credentialed by an american board in a pediatric surgical discipline, or documented surgical training devoting 50% or more time to pediatric patients. $250
  • Training Fellow: Intern or resident enrolled in a pediatric internship or residency program approved by the accreditation council for graduate medical education (acgme) or the american osteopathic association (aoa). $0
  • Associate Member: Licensed in a healthcare profession caring for children. $100
  • Emeritus: Has reached the age of sixty-five (65) and held continuous membership for ten (10) years. $125
  • Medical Student: Student enrolled in a medical school program (md/do) approved by the appropriate committee on medical education. $0
  • International Fellows: Licensed physician certified by the appropriate medical board of the native country. Contact the college office for dues amount at admin@acpeds.org