The Destiny of Humanity: Part 1

There is an interesting YouTube video series entitled “The Destiny of Humanity.” We wish to use this video series to provide a great insight into marriage and its many aspects.

In part 1, people from many cultures discuss the importance of marriage and what it means to them. One piece of advice that stood out to me at the beginning was the idea that, under most circumstances, we know that 1+1=2. In marriage, however, from a spiritual perspective, it actually is 1+1=1. When getting married, a couple becomes one:  physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Later on, a woman says that “marriage is something that if you misconstrue its meaning, it would bring about a disintegration, a loss of sense of discernment of what is right and what is wrong.” This intrigued me and I am curious what our readers think about this. How does marriage help us to know what is right and wrong? I think that when you are married, it really becomes apparent that your actions affect more than just yourself. You now have someone else to watch over, care for, and think about when making decisions (and when marriage leads to parenthood, there are even more “someones” to consider). This gives us a wider perspective about what is right and wrong.

Another commentator said that if we abandon marriage, we are more inclined to be alone and aloneness is the number one cause of suffering. Haven’t we all seen someone that is suffering from aloneness? Think about the happiness that can come from having someone there to support you, love you, and be with you through-out life? This same man said that if we don’t have the opportunity to be in a marriage or in a family, we will become a more selfish person because that is where we practice selflessness.

What are your thoughts? What does marriage mean to you?

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