The Destiny of Humanity: Part 2

Giving birth and being a parent is such a noble and respected responsibility in this world. Being a mom to 5 children, I have felt that overwhelming sense of unconditional love when I first met each one of them. I’m sure that many of our readers know exactly what I am talking about. We are, in a sense, starting the story of life for our children. A story that they will carry with them forever. Just as this video clip describes, this story is what gives each of us an identity and roots. It is amazing to be a part of something so important to a person’s life!

An important part of their story is to have both a mom and a dad in their life. Having both a mother and a father helps a child function better. This doesn’t mean going from one parent to the other in different houses, but having both parents, married, in the home. Both roles play an important part in a child’s life and story. If one is missing, the video says  a “male hunger” or “female hunger” occurs. As a result of the lack of interaction, children can end up in unhealthy relationships with that particular sex.

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