The Destiny of Humanity – Part 4 of 6

It’s true. As parents, we want our children to have certain things in their lives. Whether we had them or not, we want our children to be happy, to find someone that treats them well and loves them, and to be successful in whatever it is they want to do with their life. What if the way that we could help them have all that was in our grasp and was something we had control over? By being married, working through the hard times, and showing love and respect to each other, we can teach our children that they can have the same thing. We can teach our children that they deserve to be treated well and that they can have a marriage that doesn’t end in divorce.

Marriage is not easy. I think every couple can agree with me on this. My theory in life is that with every good thing comes a bit of sacrifice and/or effort. This rings true for marriage. In the video, one wife says, “God has put a hidden sweetness in the difficulty.” How does this relate to marriage? For a couple that can find that sweetness, hardships turn into blessings and relationships become stronger.

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