The Destiny of Humanity – Part 5 of 6

I think that it is safe to say that times have changed. The world, values, and ideas are not the same as they once were “back in the day”. As different adults were interviewed during this clip, I found it interesting how they were noticing the changes as well. It isn’t just older generations that have noticed how society,  marriage and family have changed. Young adults see and feel it as well. They see that marriage is becoming too disposable, having a family is not “popular” and that people just don’t care.

How can we change this? The purpose of this blog is to bring to light these changes and challenges and encourage all to do their part in encouraging these traditional values. We are interested in hearing what you are doing. Whether big or small, every effort is important. How do you show others that family and marriage is important?

View The Destiny of Humanity: Part 5


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