The Power of Family

IndianFamilyDo we all know the power that the members of a family can have on one another? I’m sure it is one of those things that we don’t realize – how important family is – until we go through an experience to show us. That is what one couple experienced not long ago. After giving birth to twins and finding out they lost one, mom and dad refused to let go. Instead, they held their son tight and witnessed a miracle. Not long after being skin-to-skin with his mom and dad, little Jamie began to move. The medical staff had already told the parents to say their goodbyes so when Jamie began to move, it was hard to believe.

Do we take our families for granted? Do we appreciate every individual as much as we should? More often than not, we probably forget to do that. Families are vital for us all to survive and succeed in the healthiest way possible.

To read more about this family and their little miracle, click here!

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