The Value of Work

Who remembers working hard, in the sun, with sweat dripping down your face when you were younger? Whether you had to weed the garden or mow the lawn, you had chores to get done everyday and not all of them were as easy as taking out the trash. Back in the day, children were expected to work. I’ve noticed that this is a foreign concept to kids now. Work? What is that?

The truth is that by participating in good, hard work, a person can learn a lot about themselves, about endurance, and what it takes to accomplish something. It gives an individual a moment to sit back and see what they have done. They can see the results of their efforts. It is so rewarding to look at a finished job that took time, effort, patience and hard work. It can give a person confidence in their abilities and can even teach him/her other skills.

Hard work helped shape us into the adults that we are. It didn’t kill us and I know it won’t hurt kids today. Teach your kids the value of work. The blessings that come from hard work cannot be found by sitting on the couch and playing video games.


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